Month May 2018

Month May 2018

The Seven Hotel Installs a MIBRASA HMB AB 110

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The Seven Hotel is a new Boutique Hotel situated in Southend-On-Sea on the Essex coast. With 37 rooms including five luxury suites on the fourth floor, a modern British restaurant and gin centric bar with stunning views across Southend Pier and the Thames estuary.

The restaurant, Aurum, is presided over by Head Chef Simon Webb, a 2018 National Chef of the Year finalist, Captain of the English National Culinary Team whose CV includes some of the industries heavyweight names such as Michel Roux Jr and the Langham hotel.

Taking pride of place in the brand new kitchen is a MIBRASA HMB AB 110, a 110 size oven sat on a cupboard stand. Simon’s modern cooking inspired by great British produce lends itself perfectly to the versatility and flavour profile given off from the MIBRASA oven.

“I think the Mibrasa gives us great diversity in our kitchen, we are able to cook all meats/vegetables at different temperatures which enhances the flavour and gives something different to our customers. It is a key part of our restaurant with BBQ being very much a popular way to cook in the industry at the moment.” Simon Webb, Head Chef, Aurum Restaurant, The Seven Hotel.


MIBRASA Roasted King Oyster Mushroom

Ascentia's Kitchen
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Grilled King Oyster Mushroom, Smoked Celeriac, Romanesco, Charred Spring Onion & Wild Garlic Puree, Cashew Nuts.

It might be a bit of a mouthful but its totally worth it. This is a beautiful Vegan dish cooked straight out of the MIBRASA Charcoal Oven. To get started fire up the MIBRASA to 350’c ready for cooking.

Spring Onion & Wild Garlic Puree

2 bunch Spring Onions cut in half

2 handfuls Wild Garlic

220g cooked cannellini beans


-Place the spring onions directly onto the grill until coloured all over.

-Place in a casserole dish with cannellini beans, salt and water (or Dashi).

-Cook until the spring onions are soft and cooked through

-Place in a food processor; add wild garlic and puree until smooth add a pinch of spirulina if you need a bit more green colour. Keep warm

Smoked Celeriac

2 tsp Miso Paste

2 tbls Chai Seeds

1/4 Celeriac

Oak smoking planks

Olive Oil

-Soak the Oak boards.

-Cut out the celeriac into 2 cm cubes.

-Place these on the boards, drizzle with olive oil and pinch of salt. Place in MIBRASA for 8-10 mins until celeriac is soft.

-Brush miso paste onto the edges and roll the edges in chai seeds. Keep warm



1/2 Head Romanesco

Pickling liquor (150g rice wine vinegar, 100g white wine vinegar, 1tsp coriander seeds, 2 star anise, 3 cardamom, 1 small cinnamon stick, 80g sugar 1 clove garlic, boil 5-10mins, chill)

-Slice the Romanesco into thick slices.

-Pickle with pickling liquor (see ingredient list). Vac pac with liquor for at least 20 minutes, this can be done the night before.

-When needed to serve place slices directly on grill for a bit of a char.


Cashew Nuts

35g Cashew Nuts

-Toast for 30sec-1 min in MIBRASA.

-Toss with drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of Maldon salt.


King Oyster Mushrooms

1 King Oyster Mushrooms

Olive Oil

Finely Sliced Spring Onions

-Cut in half lengthways, drizzle with oil on cut side.

-Place cut side directly onto grill. Grill for 1-2 min then turn over.

-When cooked garnish with finely sliced raw spring onions.


Plate as picture or use your own style.