Pavesi Forni Twister Gas Pizza Oven

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Pavesi Forni Twister Pizza Oven

The Pavesi Forni Twister gas pizza oven introduces a new standard in the UK pizza oven market.

The Pavesi Forni Twister gas pizza oven has the worlds only monoblock rotating cooking deck at 1300mm in diameter offering unrivalled uniform baking. The oven also has a central flame position at the rear of the oven for maximum visual effect, a single opening of 56×27 cm and a production capacity that can exceed 160 pizzas / hour with 400 pizzas baked in succession (data gathered directly from pizza restaurants). The simple to use rotating deck technology allows anyone to work the oven just like a skilled pizza chef. Whilst keeping power consumption to a minimum the oven offers maximum space optimisation and excellent baking characteristics. Make the GAS TWISTER that extra help on your premises.

The oven comes equipped with the very best Avanzini Drago burner as standard.

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